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    • Sure, feel free to contact me. I like working on fun jobs with fun people. To make the process a little clearer, be sure to include the scope of the work you're after. That way, I can get back to you quicker. x

    • Orders are usually shipped 1-2 working days from the original order being placed. I can control that part. The Australian postal service isn't the speedy gonzales we all need it to be, so please be patient. I am more than happy to ship worldwide too.

    • No. Once the edition is gone, its gone. That's how it works. To avoid disappointment, order as soon as possible.

    • I work in millimeters, but here are the print measurements in inches A4 - 8.26" w x 11.69"h A3 - 11.69"w x 16.53"h A2 - 16.53"w x 23.38"h A1 - 23.38"w x 33.11"h

    • Ouch, I don't like either of these happening. It makes me sad, I've failed you *sad face* I'm more than happy to replace any prints that have been lost or damaged.

      For lost prints, I will try to hunt them down first. Sometimes they sit in post offices or end up on strange place. It happens.
      Any damaged prints, send me an email with support images of the issue and then please mail it back to me at the address below

      Pete Cromer
      651 Horseshoe Bend Road
      Mount Duneed, VIC, 3217

      Once I have received it, I will issue you a new one. x

    • Sadly no, shipping glass has trouble all over it. I would suggest your local framers or if on a budget Ikea or Country Road. I'm a fan of natural wooden frames personally, or white.

    • Yes, do. I am happy to answer questions. Just please be patient with my response time. I'll try to get back to you.

    • I try, I really do. I just don't let emails overtake my work day, so my response maybe slower than what you're expecting. If you are asking a question that I have already answered in my FAQ's I probably won't reply. It's just me. No assistants atm.

    • All of the Design / Illustration / Artwork in this website remain the property of Pete Cromer and cannot be used or claimed as your own. Please email me for approval if you would like to feature any of these images on your blog, website, any form of social media or printed material. 


    • If you have any additional questions, feel free to send us me e-mail via my contact page